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Understanding your money mindset is the first step toward realizing your financial goals. Discover your relationship with money and how it can unlock your financial future.

Do you ever worry about money?
Rarely. My mind is on a dozen other things.
Yes, because you never know when you’ll need it.
I don’t worry, I strategize.
Never. I spend it how I want.
My biggest goal when it comes to money is…
to make it grow.
to save it responsibly.
to be able to buy that NEW new!
to pay the bills.
I don’t think about money that way.
Which of the following Britney Spears song titles best describes your relationship with money?
You Drive Me Crazy
Gimme More
Oops!...I Did It Again.
What U See Is What U Get
What would you do if you suddenly received a large sum of money?
I would have no idea how to handle it.
I would put it in savings and keep living my normal life.
Look for ways to double it.
I’d spend it on the stuff I’ve always wanted.
I would pay off my debts.
How do you feel about credit cards?
They’re like instant money! I never have to wait until payday to buy the things I want.
I use my credit card all the time, then pay it off as soon as I can.
They are just a part of life.
It’ll take years to pay mine off.
I avoid them when I can. I’d rather pay with cash or my debit card to avoid interest fees.
What do you do when people ask you for money?
People don’t really ask me for money. Probably because I don’t have much.
I avoid lending people money. I don’t trust that they’ll pay me back.
I’m cool with lending people money, as long as they stick to my repayment plan.
I lend them the money. Who cares if they don’t pay me back.
It depends. Do I like this person?
When it comes to building your savings, which of these statements is true?
I put my current needs ahead of my future needs.
I put a large portion of my paycheck into savings. Financial security is important to me.
I put money away when I can, but usually end up taking it out so I can get by.
I save money, but I don’t obsess over it.
I put my savings to work by investing it or placing it in a high-yield interest savings account.
Which statement best describes your spending?
Most of my cash goes toward bills and other necessities.
I pay my bills and enjoy what’s left over.
As long as I’m still able to save and earn, spending money is a treat.
I feel anxious before I make big purchases.
It is what it is.
When it comes to budgeting…
I get everything I need without having to budget.
If someone else makes a budget for me, I’ll stick to it.
It gives me a feeling of control.
No matter how hard I try, I fall short before the month ends.
I have a system in place that allows me to save for the future and have fun.
What kind of investor are you?
One who lets the experts do it for me.
I buy low, sell high, and diversify my holdings to enhance returns.
I don’t feel comfortable investing money.
I play it safe.
That’s not really my scene. But if someone told me about a hot stock, I’d consider going all-in.
Which statement is true about your last car purchase?
I did a ton of research beforehand and came ready to negotiate.
I spent more than I planned to.
I was willing to spend more on quality because I knew I could afford it.
I wasn’t looking for anything super fancy, so I didn’t fixate on the price.
I was low-key worried I wouldn’t be eligible for financing.
My biggest goal when it comes to money is…
Rarely. My mind is on a dozen other things.


Get There is designed to help you gain a better understanding of your relationship with money, adjust your habits and reach your full financial potential. That is your mission — and we'll be here to guide you every step of the way.