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5 min read

Crafting your career: navigating success without college

By Louisiana FCU on Dec 21, 2023 9:23:52 AM

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Financial mindset Saving & Budgeting College Personal Banking Working
10 min read

Top 8 self-filing tax services: Reviewed and ready to use!

By Louisiana FCU on May 26, 2023 4:05:58 PM

Topics: Personal finance Personal Banking Taxes & Income Tips & Resources
2 min read

The big difference between debit and credit

By Louisiana FCU on May 24, 2023 1:29:12 PM

Topics: Personal finance Debt Credit Personal Banking
8 min read

Understanding good debt, bad debt and everything in between

By Louisiana FCU on Feb 27, 2023 11:17:20 AM

Not all debt is created equal. 

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Business finance Financial mindset Debt Starting Out Shopportunist Tips & Resources
4 min read

Investing your age: What’s your REAL risk tolerance?

By Louisiana FCU on Aug 22, 2022 12:31:50 PM

You know that deciding to invest some of your money in the market automatically means you’re setting yourself up for possible loss.

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Financial mindset Nearing Retirement Shopportunist Wallet Warrior Tips & Resources
7 min read

Build your nest egg: Best ways to invest for retirement

By Louisiana FCU on Aug 22, 2022 11:52:30 AM

Investing your money is a tried and true approach to building a life worth enjoying after retirement. But with so many options available, you may feel stuck.

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Financial mindset Nearing Retirement Shopportunist Wallet Warrior Saving & Budgeting Working Tips & Resources
5 min read

The importance of becoming financially fit

By Louisiana FCU on Jul 11, 2022 10:40:45 PM

Flex those financial muscles and get your wallet into shape.

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Credit score Financial mindset Overspender Indifferent-to-money Starting Out Tips & Resources Case Studies
5 min read

Is it wise to get a protection plan?

By Louisiana FCU on Nov 1, 2021 12:00:00 AM

A protection plan is an investment that limits financial risk. It provides peace of mind  and helps you avoid financial strain when the unexpected happens — but choosing a plan isn't always a Sunday drive.

Topics: Car Personal finance Financial mindset Tips & Resources borrowing
4 min read

Is mobile banking safe?

By Louisiana FCU on Aug 16, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Banking with your mobile device is quick and convenient. But is it a safe way to handle your finances?

Topics: Lifestyle Safety Personal finance Parenting Credit score Financial mindset Retired Starting Out College Privacy & Security Personal Banking Tips & Resources
9 min read

5 self-destructive behaviors keeping you broke

By Louisiana FCU on Jun 28, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Self-sabotage is the act of continually doing something that undermines your own goals.

Topics: Lifestyle Personal finance Financial mindset Overspender Indifferent-to-money Debt Starting Out